Third Time’s A Charm

This will be the third blog I have started. The two before were never published, never shared, and are lost behind a username I don’t remember that is connected to an email I no longer own.

Why try for three? In the past year I have learned more about learning, about leadership and about myself than I thought possible. To be honest, I have felt this way every year for the last fifteen years I have been an educator. This year is different (I always say that). This year I have been challenged to be more reflective, more intentional, more collaborative, more open-minded, more coachable, more resilient. After quite a bit of thought, I have decided that this “more” is going to require a China level risk (see About Page).

A China-Level risk requires leaving safety and comfort behind. This category of risk is get out of the box, be vulnerable, trust yourself, comfort-zone disrupting risk.

So here it is, my first post, but not my last. A place where I will figure things out as I go, try on some ideas for “size”, hopefully find a few good thought-partners, and remind myself that…

I’m still learning.


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